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     The RAS Credential is one of only three NCCA-accredited and nationally-administered addiction professional certifications in the United States.*


80% pass because . . .
we provide study guide
and a free on-line tutorial


Study material provided
In order to put all applicants on equal footing, Breining provides a comprehensive study guide - The Addiction Professional - as part of the exam fee, which covers all of the material that may be asked on the exam. An on-line tutorial, prepared by Breining Institute faculty, then walks the candidate through the study guide, identifying all of the material that may be asked on the exam.

Over 80% of the candidates who pass the exam passed it the first time they took it, because they studied the material provided.

You have probably already learned everything that will be tested on, but don't assume that you can pass the exam solely on that past knowledge.

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For Educators

Help your students pass the
nationally-accredited RAS Exam


Educator Desk Copy
The Addiction Professional: Manual for Counselor Competency (2nd Edition) includes an examination and study of the skills, knowledge and tasks of a competent addiction counselor, including the TAP 21 Counselor Competencies and the
Twelve Core Functions.

We are pleased to provide educators
in addictions, alcohol and other drug studies programs, within institutions of higher learning, with a FREE and complimentary, full-version desk copy
of the Manual.

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The Addiction Professional:
Addiction Professional


For Candidates
Over 400 schools in the US
provide qualifying education


Breining Accredited
Breining Institute has conducted an independent examination of the institutions of higher learning that offer addictions studies programs, and has identified over 400 programs that offer the primary education which qualifies the candidate to test for the
RAS Credential.

Candidates who complete the "Breining Institute Accredited" programs offered by these institutions - minimum of 155 hours of alcohol and other drug abuse studies - will know that they have met the minimum education requirement to qualify for the nationally-accredited Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) Credential.

Please see the list of educational institutions, below, that provide Breining Institute Accredited programs.

For Employers
The RAS exam is scientifically validated to test for competency

Scientific Validation
A distinguished panel of Subject Matter Experts (SME) periodically reviews the written exam questions for the Breining Institute addiction counselor certifications, and those reviews have been supervised and scientifically validated as relevant to the skills and tasks competency of addiction counselors by the nationally-recognized examination expert,
Daniel A. Biddle, PhD.

The SME panel members include representatives from both large and small employers of addiction counselors, private practitioners, program supervisors, higher education institutions, professional alcohol and other drug (AOD) counselor membership organizations, and nationally-accredited counselor certification agencies.

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more info related to the exam development and validation, as well as an explanatory video:
Exam Validation


These credentials are registered service marks, and may only be used by professionals who have been awarded these credentials by Breining Institute.
"Registered Addiction Specialist" and "RAS" credentials: Service Mark Reg. No. 65739, Class Number 41


*The only three nationally-issued addiction counselor certifications that have been
awarded accreditation through an independent review by the NCCA are:
Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) issued by Breining Institute
Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS) issued by American Academy of Health Care Providers in the Addictive Disorders
Master Addictions Counselor (MAC) issued by National Board for Certified Counselors
    Breining Institute Accredited (BIA) educational programs    
The institutions of higher learning listed here offer educational programs that meet or exceed the formal education prerequisite - minimum 155 hours of alcohol and other drug abuse studies - for the Registered Addiction Specialist (RAS) nationally-accredited credential:
  • The accreditation by Breining Institute refers to the educational "program" itself, and does not refer to the institution.
  • Breining Institute does not accredit or approve institutions. Institutional accreditation or approval is performed by governmental agencies or regional accreditation agencies that have been approved by the Unites States Department of Education.
  • This list is subject to constant review, and may be adjusted / amended at any time, with or without notice, by Breining Institute. If a student has / had commenced or completed a program with one of these institutions within the Accreditation Year, then it will be acceptable by Breining Institute, even if the institution has / had subsequently lost accreditation status.

If your educational institution is not included on this list, please send an e-mail to us at that includes the following: 1) full name of the educational institution, 2) the web site address of the institution, and 3) which degree, certificate or other educational program that you would like us to consider for accreditation. We are not currently accepting applications for accreditation, but, rather, conduct independent research and evaluations regarding the institutions under consideration.

We continually conduct independent research and evaluation before including institutions on this list, but realize that conditions change and that we may make errors in our evaluations. If you believe that an educational institution should be removed from this list, please send an e-mail to us at that includes the following: 1) full name of the educational institution, 2) the web site address of the institution, and 3) the reason that you believe the institution should be removed. We will review the request and conduct an investigation, at our sole discretion. If the person making the suggestion provides his or her own contact information, we may follow-up and request additional information from the person submitting the suggestion, but we are under no obligation to do so. We will make a determination, at our sole discretion, based upon our independent research and evaluation, with or without notice to the person submitting the suggestion. The change in status, if any, will generally be reflected in the Accreditation Year following the investigation.



Breining Institute Accredited Programs
2011 Accreditation Year





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